Paladar Doña Eutimia

Paladar Doña Eutimia

Walking along the square of the Cathedral, a few meters away, there is the Chorro alley, and at the end of it, on the right, the palate of Doña Eutimia.

He was recently selected by an American magazine as one of the best restaurants Havana has.

In its careful decoration, we can see antiques such as dressers, chairs or watches among others.

Decoration of the paladar

It has 7 sets of tables for 2, 4 and 6 people. It also has a bar that has a table for two people, and in its upper part, a reserved room where up to 10 people can gather.

Paladar dining room.

It also has tables outside for those who want to enjoy this unique alley.

Alley of the Chorro

Highlight the kindness with which the waiters attend both the reception and the farewell.

Its cuisine is traditional Cuban. It has typical dishes such as the ropa vieja, pork and beans with rice. Do not miss out on their tasty croquettes or the malanga donuts with honey, without forgetting their specialty, the roasted chicken Doña Eutimia.


As an entree they offer Leticia croquettes, made from a mass of fish and served with ketchup in a very original container, its price is 2 cuc.

Croquettes Doña Eutimia

Almost all their dishes are served with black beans, white rice, viands and salad station.

One of his specialties is the “ropa vieja” of El Chorro, made with frayed lamb meat and spices for only 7 cuc.

Ropa Vieja del Chorro

You can also enjoy natural juices such as melon for 1.5 cuc.

Address: San Ignacio No. 60-C, between O’Reilly and Empedrado (at the end of the Callejón del Chorro, just next to the Plaza de la Catedral)
Phone: +53 5 2815883


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