Paladar Doña Eutimia

Paladar Doña Eutimia

Walking along the square of the Cathedral, to scanty meters, one finds el Callejón del Chorro, and at the end of this one, to right hand, Dona Eutimia’s palate.

Recently it was selected by an American magazine as one of the best restaurants with which it counts the Havana.

In his elegant decoration, we can observe antiquities as, buffets, chairs or clocks between others.

Decoration of the paladar

He has 7 games of tables for 2, 4 and 6 persons. It tells also with a bar that it possesses one more table for two persons, and in his top part, a private room in which they can join up to 10 persons.

Paladar dining room.

Also he has tables in the exterior for the one that wants to enjoy this singular “Callejón”.

Alley of the Chorro

To highlight the amiability with which the waiters attend both in the reception in the exit of the restaurant.

His kitchen is a traditional Cuban. It possesses local dishes as the ropa vieja, meat of pork and beans rice. Do not get lost his tasty croquettes or the buns of malanga with honey, without forgetting his speciality, the brown chicken Doña Eutimia.


Since inlet they offer the croquettes Leticia, done from a mass of fish and that serve themselves with sauce ketchup in a very original container, his price is of 2 cuc.

Croquettes Doña Eutimia

Almost all his plates are served with black beans, white rice, viandas and salad station.

One of his specialities is the ropa vieja del Chorro, done with lamb chipped and you spice for only 7 cuc.

Ropa Vieja del Chorro

Also it is possible to enjoy natural juices as that of melon for 1.5 cuc.

Direction: San Ignacio No. 60-C, between O’Reilly and Empedrado (At the end of the Callejón del Chorro, just person next to the Plaza of the Cathedral)
Telephone: +53 5 2815883


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