Accomodation in Cuba

Cuba offers you, to part of the hotels, hosting in particular houses.

You can choose between:

Independent apartments. Of exclusive use for the tourist. Normally he has bedroom, lounge, kitchen and in occasions of terrace, balcony and garden.

This form of rent gives you more intimacy since, it is as if you were in your own apartment, with all the comforts and totally independently.

Stay in an apartment

Rooms. For own use you have bedroom and bathroom. The rest of the rooms are of use shared with Cuban family. These can be the living room, the kitchen or the terrace between others.

This form gives you the option to coexist with a family and to know better his form of life, apart from the fact that they can inform you of that to visit, where to eat, since moving for the city.

Stay in rooms

So much in a modality as in other one, they are in the habit of offering meals and laundry.

This type of rent have acceptance great, since they have a much more wide offer. They exist infinity of apartments and rooms for the whole island to rent.

These have a badge in the door that indicates us that in foreign tourists can lodge.

Tourist accommodation

If your aim is to visit the Havana or other provinces, the most comfortable thing is to visit a page of rent and to choose the one that more you like and adapts to your budget, since the prices change very much depending on the type of apartment or of the offered services.

In the Havana the prices are in the habit of ranging between the 30 and the 100 cuc for room and day. The price also changes depending on if it is a high or low season.

In the provinces the prices are more economic, these range between the 20 and 30 cuc for room and day approximately.


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