At the airport in Havana

Once at the airport, pass the controls, pick up the suitcase, change currency and enjoy an experience that, without a doubt, you will never forget.


On the plane, a few hours before arriving, they will give you a form called, Customs declaration for passengers, in case you have something to declare.

Among the data you will have to enter if you are entering more money than allowed, which would be the equivalent of more than 5,000 dollars; food of animal origin, sausages are prohibited …


The maximum weight you can carry without paying taxes is 30 kg.

There are companies such as Cubana de Aviación, which allow 2 bags of 23 kg each. One thing is that Cubana allows it and another that you will not be charged in destination for that overweight.

If you spend of those 30 kg you will have to pay 10 cuc for each additional kg.

In the airport

When you get off the plane, you will reach a large room where you will find several cabins. Get in the queue where there are fewer people and wait your turn.

Customs control

When you arrive at the counter, you will have to show your passport and your visa. They will tell you to look at a camera they have on the roof, they will stamp your visa and they will tell you to go through the door that you have next.

Once you pass the door you have to pass the scanner. Remove the metallic elements (belt, watch, coins …) and put your belongings in the tray.

Next, you will go to the luggage room where you will have to wait to collect your suitcase.

Before leaving the airport it is convenient to change to pay the taxi. I usually change a lot so I do not have to go to Cadeca (Money Exchange) the next day.

When they change you, they also give you small bills to pay for the taxi.

Cuban currency

The currency used by foreigners in Cuba is the convertible peso, better known as CUC. It has the value of the dollar and depending on the day you change it will have a different value.

When I arrive the first thing I do at the airport is change part of the euros in CUC and a small part, about 10 euros, in CUP or national currency, which is about 240 CUP (1 € = 24 CUP).

Cuban currency

The national currency comes in handy if you want to buy in some places where Cubans tend to buy, like the little windows, which offer Cuban pizzas, sandwiches or coffees at very cheap prices.

The windows are homes that have a license to sell and offer their services at street level through a window or door.

You can also buy fruit that they sell in cars on the street, usually only Cubans buy, but you can also buy. 1 avocado = 10 CUP, very cheap compared to what they cost here.

To buy cheap fruit

If you run out of money you can always use your card, commissions are not high and carrying the card is an insurance against unforeseen events.

Once at the airport, when you go back to your country, in the duty free, once you have passed all the controls, you can change the currency that was left over.

To see how the change is click


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