Before travelling

When you have decided that your destination is Cuba you have two options, or go to an agency and buy a complete package (flight, hotel, visits …), which works out more expensive, or you organize it.

Each one has his advantages, in the first one you do not have to worry about anything, they it give everything theirs made one, but, you will not know the real Cuba, only you will know the tourist sites, will get lost the whole captivation of Cuba and will go away with an impression falsified of what is Cuba.

If you go for freely, the first thing is to organize your trip (cities that to visit, all the time you are going to be, routes …).

Once have this clear, the second thing is to buy the plane ticket. For it you have several pages that facilitate the process of search to you as for example skyscanner


Cuba offers you, to part of the hotels, housing in particular houses.

You can choose between:

Rooms. For own use, in them you have bedroom and bathroom. The rest of the stays are of use shared with Cuban family. These can be the lounge, the kitchen or the terrace between others.

Apartments. Of exclusive use for the tourist, normally he has bedroom, lounge, kitchen and in occasions of terrace or balcony.

This type of housings have a badge that indicates us that in foreign tourists can lodge.

Tourist accommodation

The Visa

It is important, once have the flight, buy the visa.

East is obtained in the travel agencies or in authorized airlines.

I am in the habit of buying it in visados

The price is of 22 € more postage and handling.

Keep in mind that the passport has to have a minimal force of 6 months.


East allows you to be in Cuba up to 30 days, if you want to overcome these 30 days, once in Cuba, you have to go to the Cuban authorities and request an extension other 30 days. The children, the age is all the same, also they need visa of entry.

Important to preserve the visa up to the exit. When you go out to the coarse street with a photocopy of the passport.

To go out of Cuba is indispensable to present the Visa, passport and return ticket.

Medical insurance

From May 1, 2010 it is obligatory to enter with medical insurance.

They have never asked for it me, but before the best doubt to take it, on the other hand, it is not difficult great and better to be covered before unforeseen.

The health for tourists is not precisely cheap.

You can extract it in onlinetours or mundiespana

To travel to Cuba is not necessary to be vaccinated.

Electrical equipments

The electricity in Cuba is 110 volts. There are apartments that have, in addition, plugs prepared for 220 volts.

It is not of any more, if you have not this information, to take an adapter to you, since the pegs of 110 volts are flat and you might not plug the electrical devices that you take.

Time slot

Do not forget, when you come to Cuba, to adapt the clock to the new hourly zone. If you go from Spain they are 6 hours less.


Cuba is from the surest countries of the world, at least for the tourists.

You can walk along his streets at high hours of the night without you have to be afraid for your integrity.

It does not remove that you have to guard a few procedure of safety, if they steal you it will be to the carelessness. He guards the money in the front pocket.

When you are going to pay in the restaurants, it checks the account before paying.

In the taxis, which put the taximeter when wild you or a price compromises if you know all that can cost you before starting.


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