Cabaret Tropicana

The Cabaret Tropicana is expensive, in fact, it is more expensive than should be, but if you want to see a spectacle of Cabaret, must be in the Tropicana.

Cabaret Tropicana

If you want to use the camera you will have to pay 5 cuc.

Opened in 1939 and known as ” the Paradise under the stars “, this theatre outdoors is the definitive spectacle of Cabaret in Cuba and in the World.

The function of cabaret has changed little from his epoch of brilliance in the 50s, but with his 60 dancers, 40 models, 11 singers and 25 musicians, continues being a world reference, which 150.000 tourists visit every year.

One accedes across a leafy garden and of the mythical Source of the Muses, work of the Italian sculptor Aldo Gamba. The acceptable service of dinners begins at 20:00 h. The spectacle in strict sense begins on 22:30 h, turning the scene into a frenzy of lights, color, suits and movement.

Cabaret Tropicana

La actuación dura 2 horas y cubre las bases del baile y música cubanas, desde el bolero al danzón, pasando por la salsa y los ritmos afrocubanos. Tras la representación, se puede continuar bailando toda la noche en el Salón de los Arcos de Cristal.

The action lasts 2 hours and covers the bases of the dance and music Cubans, from the bolero to the danzón, happening for the Cuban salsa and the Afro-Cuban paces. After the representation, it is possible to continue dancing the whole night in the Lounge of the Arches of Crystal.

Direction: Street 72, between streets 41 and 45, Marianao
Telephone: +53 7 267 1871


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