Los Nardos

Map of situation Los Nardos

Located in  Havana Center, the Sociedad de Juventud Asturiana has three restaurants: Los Nardos, El Trofeo and Asturianito, all in the same building, opposite the Capitol.

The access is not well marked, you have to be careful, although the huge queues that form at lunchtime give you away. It is located on the first floor of the building.

In it both tourists and Cubans mix. They have an attentive service and you can see the intensity that is in the kitchen from almost any angle through the glass that separates it from the dining room.

It has Spanish style, and its dim lighting is in charge of lanterns and candles.

Lounge of the restaurant

When you enter you have to wait at the entrance for the table to be prepared. For this they have some chairs and some rockers so that the wait is more pleasant while you listen to the music played in the dining room.

While you eat you can enjoy live music by a pianist, a violinist or a flute player.

The price is affordable and has a wide and varied menu with more than 60 dishes for which you will need time if you want to read it whole. Among its dishes it has Asturian fabada, prawns with garlic, paella, lobster Catalan … the price does not include the tip that is 10%.

Menu los Nardos

The service offered by the waiters deserves special mention, from a pleasant welcome to a personalized treatment that begins by asking your name and introducing yourself, as well as worrying that your stay is as pleasant as possible and asking if everything is to your taste.

At the beginning, while you read the letter, the waiter will recommend some appetizers so that the wait will not be so long. The first time I went we chose a couple of them and afterwards we were not able to eat the dishes we ordered. The plates are usually quite large.

The drink can be ordered to be served in a jug to share, do not miss the pina colada. It also has a wide range of wines with more than 500 bottles.

Address: Paseo del Prado no 563, between Lieutenant Rey and Dragones
Phone: (+53) 7863 – 2985
Schedule: Open every day from 12 to 24 h.


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