A walk through Havana Center

Havana Center is the municipality most filled with the Havana. In we can find some of the most emblematic places to walk since they can be, the Capitol, the Paseo del Prado, the park of the Brotherhood, the Chinese neighborhood or the levee.

This route has a length of 1,2 kilometres approximately, though it is possible to lengthen if you enter more the Chinese neighborhood, thing that I advise you, has good pizzerias and restaurants that you cannot get lost or if you cross the whole boulevard San Rafael.

A walk through Havana Center

1. Central Park

About this square they find some of the most emblematic buildings of the Havana, since they can be:

The Great Theatre of the Havana (2). It has a few impressive sights. In his front four towers crowned by angels stand out. In his interior it is possible to see the scene and the court of armchairs. If you are lucky you can see test the dancers of the National Ballet of Cuba.

Great theatre of the Havana

The Hotel England, to the right of the Great Theatre of the Havana, account in spite of being the most ancient hotel of the island and one of the most classic. It possesses a neoclassic front and his interior recreates a colonial atmosphere.

Direction to the Capitol, at the end of Central Park, as we cross we can observe a sample of old cars (3) that make routes for tourists. Select the one you like the most, set the price (1 hour costs approximately 50 cuc for all its members) and enjoy an unforgettable trip in which you can visit the most tourist sites of Centro Habana, Vedado or Miramar.

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4. Capitol of the Havana

The Capitol. It was inaugurated in 1929, being a reply of that of Washington.

In her there stayed the chambers of the Deputies and Senators up to the revolution.

His interior can be visited, emphasizing the Lounge of the steps lost with his dome and where one finds the biggest third statue in size of the world with 17 meters of height. It is in the center of the dome where the kilometre zero of the Cuban roads.

The capitol of the Havana

5. Factory of cigars Partagás

Behind the Capitol one finds the Factory of Cigars Partagás. It is possible to make a holding a permit visit and see the whole manufacturing process of the cigars, apart from being able to buy them in his shop.

Factory of cigars Partagás

6. The Chinese Neighborhood

If we continue travelling behind the street Dragones, behind the Capitol, you will meet the Chinese Neighborhood. East developed from 1850, managing to be the most important second Chinese neighborhood of the world, the first one was that of San Francisco.

The Chinese Neighborhood

With the victory of the Revolution these returned to emigrate and they are very small those who stay nowadays.

If we wander about the streets for we will be able to find multitude of restaurants, the Popular Chinese Diary or a cinema in which movies are projected in original version. Also we can find a homeopathic Chinese drugstore.

In the street Cuchillo, between Saint Nicholas and Rayo, we have a Chinese market, in that you will be able to buy, between other products, Chinese spices.

7. San’s Rafael Boulevard

It is possible to say that San Rafael is the street “relates” of Obispo, though this one is more modern and broad.


One finds to the left of the famous Hotel England, covering more than 20 streets and coming up to the University of the Havana in Vedado.

The first five streets are known as the Boulevard San Rafael and in her we can find shops, banks, drugstores, museums, watchmakers, jewelers and peddlers.

As in Obispo, you will be able to find multitude of restaurants where to sit and to listen to live music live music.


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