The piano bar of the Hotel Florida

The piano bar of the Hotel Florida

The piano bar of the Hotel Florida is placed in the street Obispo, in full heart of the Old Havana, between the streets Aguiar and Cuba.

It is a colonial hotel of the restored 19th century that possesses an elegant foyer a few big large windows.

Interior court of the Hotel Florida

In his ground floor, to the left of the court that exists in the entry, there is the discotheque known popularly as the piano bar of the Hotel Florida or the piano bar Maragato.

In it is possible to dance sauce or simply enjoy looking. It is an authentic Cuban experience. If you are lucky you will be able to see since they dance a Cuban wheel.

It is a very popular bar for that he likes to salsa dance and when you enter in, is like a trip to the heart of Cuba.

Dancing salsa

Most of the night is dedicated to the salsa dance, but also you can see another type of dances between the rests since they can be bachata, kizomba …

The academies of dance have an offer that for approximately 25 cuc accompanists of dance offer in order that you could practise the learned. It does not remove that you could be going to dance only, surely that you will not lack accompanist.

Direction: Street Obispo between Aguiar and Cuba. Old Havana
Telephone: (+53)7 86 24 127


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